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Favorite Marvel Characters (no order):
➔ Neena Thurman aka Domino 

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Cyclops #1 Review



I was so happy when this series was announced. Cyclops is the first X-Man of the X-Men and it’s about time he got another solo series to himself. That being said let’s dive into the first issue.

We begin with an amazing illustration of a reflection off Cyclops’ visor that works as a timeline as Cyclops recounts the events that have transpired within his life as of late. It is then revealed that Scott and Hepzibah outside the ship of the Starjammers (which is aptly named the Starjammer) while they are in the middle of a tactical experiment involving the mechanics of propulsion and his optic blasts.


  • Right off the bat, I enjoy the relationship Rucka has already established between her and Scott. Refers to her as his “almost-stepmother.” I love it (I’m also curious why the powers that be at Marvel have decided to keep Katherine Ann Summers dead throughout the entirety of the X-Men and Cyclops continuity; it would make for a good story, even if it was just a “What if” story or alternate universe where Katherine survived. At the least so we can get some character development for her).  

We then enter the ship and get our first in-depth look at the interior of the vessel. Just from the panels that we are given you can tell just how vast and spacious the ship is and I wouldn’t mind an issue where they just the interworking and compartments the Starjammer has to offer; it reminds me of what a game developer said about the Jackdaw being the second protagonist of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag; the ship truly is a character all by itself.

  • The ship seems to have hard-light projections when it comes to the ship’s wheel/control wheel which is a novel idea to implement into the series.
  • I also like the diversity of aliens the Starjammers crew is made of: there’s Ch’od (a big green aquatic looking alien), Cr’reee (white, small slender mink like alien), Korvus (who looks like as slim version of Kalibak from DC), Raza (an orange Borg), Sikorsky, Hepzibah, Corsair and the newest member Cyclops.


Inside Scott’s quarters, it is revealed that he has been working on a handwritten letter meant for Jean (although if you really think about he should be writing one for both Jean and Laura. Since I’m on the subject of teen Scott love connections, am I the only one that is a little miffed that Pixie didn’t even get to talk to teen Scott? XD I mean come on, she had a crush on Adult Cyclops so meeting his younger self would be like making her enamored fantasy come time life. Plus, she would have been a have been a perfect fit for the space setting considering her eccentric physical appearance and power set). I wonder if this is supposed to be a continuation of the letter he was trying to write and give to her in their own timeline.  

There is then a transition to Corsair (Christopher Summers) getting what looks to a physical from the crew’s doctor, Sikorsky (who just happens to look like the Pokémon Yanmega and speaks in anastrophe). He seems to be pressing Corsair about taking his medicine at the proper time as dose… I wonder why? Is it to prevent scape scurvy? Or maybe it has ties to how he came back to life. Only time will tell. Later on the crew is attacked by a Badoon ship and Corsair decides to assemble a three man counter-strike crew of himself, Hepzibah and Scott to board and commandeer the craft. The highlight of the issue is when Corsair gives Scott his first lesson of life:

“Never do what they expect you to do. Or in other words… Think like a pirate…”


Truly, these are words to live by. As a spoil of battle, Cyclops gains a new sword. I can’t wait to see how he utilizes it in tandem with his optic blasts. Finally, after some gradual coaxing by Hepzibah, Corsair decides to take the Badoon ship with Scott on board to go on a little month long father-son expedition throughout the galaxy. Which concludes the first issue in this brilliant series. What a great way to start this journey, I can’t wait read the other issues that follow. The story seems solid and the art by Dauterman is in rare form, especially when we get to venture into pristine and dynamic exhibition of space. I highly recommend that anyone who reads this review pick up this book and support it.


  • My only nitpick is at the beginning when Cyclops is lamenting on the fact that his other self may not be such a good guy. I’m willing to forgive for this notion because he was coaxed and mislead into coming into by a less than straightforward and honest Beast; his view of his older self has been tainted by people constantly telling him that he will grow up to bad things. The whole time travelling aspect that Brain Michael Bendis gave the audience when it came to the All-New X-Men is interesting because most times, we as readers/the audience follow the characters into the future and see things from the time travelers perspective. However here, the reader has been put into the position of being in the future/present and having the time displaced characters come to them; so we know what, why, and how certain events have actually transpired and know that things the original five X-Men were told are half-truths at best. It’s a complete inverse of the normal time travelling status quo as we know everything that will be seen as revelations to the O5.


Uncanny X-Men #12 (2012)

written by Kieron Gillen
art by Greg Land & Jay Leisten


" Unreal Estate " by Tim Doyle

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Batman // bats + water

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Have you actually seen a spook, specter or ghost? Don’t wait another minute. Call the Ghostbusters at 212-897-1964!

Having your story planned out




…but not being sure if you’re ready to start:




These GIFs are perfect displays of both for me.


Silver Surfer: Parable, by Stan Lee and Moebius.

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Some more black costumed Catwoman artwork. She would have looked like this if her own series Catwoman: The Animated Series would have gotten a green light!