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Reference 6 - Issues #1 and #13 include soda cans that suggest the soda Bireley’s, a few billboards of which showed up in early Toho sci-fi. Of course, with just the first two letters visible, it could just as easily be a brand marketed towards bisexuals.

Reference 7 (multiple issues) - Lucy’s laptop has the Science Patrol logo from UItraman on it.

It’s spankzilla85.  Of course it’s Bireley’s. XD



House of M 2015 by Jorge Molina


Cyclops by Shawn Yap 


Hulk Hogan is an asset to America

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Onslaught by Adi Granov


Han Shoots First
STAR WARS #84 (June 1984)
Art by David Mazzucchelli (pencils), Tom Palmer (inks) & Glynis Wein (colors)
Words by Roy Richardson

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Strange Tales vol. 2 covers by Kevin Nowlan, published by Marvel Comics, 1987-1988.

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The Incredibles (2004)

Rest In Peace Elizabeth Peña

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Souvenir :  “X-MEN: Children Of The Atom” by Capcom

[Français/French] Voici un autre jeu sur lequel j’ai passé énormément de temps dans ma jeunesse. Les X-men à la façon Street Fighter 2, vous vous en rendez pas compte mais à cette époque c’était de la folie pour moi! En plus j’ai toujours préféré les jeux de baston en 2D que ceux en 3D.

[English/Anglais] There a another video game where I spent a lot of my time when I was teenager. A “Street Fighter 2 like" with the X-men characters and by Capcom itself! Maybe for your is nothing but for me at this time it’s was so crazy! And I always prefered Fight’s video games on 2D than 3D.

Links(follow): Video Games / X-Men / Marvel Comics / Capcom .

Here  Four playthrough videos, enjoy!:-)

Wolverine Playthrough - video by Carls493 :

Storm Playthrough - video by TheInnocentSinful1 :

Cyclops Playthrough  video by  Carls493 :

Psylocke Playthrough - video by TheInnocentSinful1 :

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Spider-Verse Team up #1 Variant by Dave Rapoza / Blog / Tumblr

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X-23 Berserk by Mike Choi and Sonia Oback

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Lord Of The Nazgûl by Chris Skinner
The Dark Lord by Marko Manev


Lord Of The Nazgûl by Chris Skinner

The Dark Lord by Marko Manev / Tumblr / Twitter

Part of the film director tribute art show, Imagined Worlds II, at the Hero Complex Gallery / Facebook. All artwork available HERE.


Groot and Rocket Raccoon by Arthur Adam


Miles Morales vs Green Goblin art by David Marquez

Miles: Morales Ultimate Spider-Man (2014-) #6

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@austinjames submitted:

Hey guys! I have this design available only today (10/19) on TeeFury for $11. Also… it glows in the dark! (the gif illustrates the transition between daylight and when they come out at night… mostly)
Hope y’all dig. 

Sorry I saw this too late!